Folk Style Mora Clock
Folk Style Mora Clock - face
Folk Style Mora Clock - body

Mora Clock 13

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Folk Style Painted Mora Clock

This Swedish Mora Clock is painted in a traditional soft brown colour and has Swedish folk style floral patterns painted on the body of this Mora Clock.

The body of the clock has been painted with the date this Mora Clock was made '1982' and the face has the clocksmiths initials.

The clock has a working mechanism and its original pendulum and weights.

Width: 58cm / 22.8"

Depth: 20cm / 7.9"

Height: 201cm / 79.1"


Delivery Costs (depending on location):

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Europe delivery - door to door: £130 - £140

US delivery (inc.crating) - door to door: £290 - £360 (~$370 / ~$460)