Case Study



Site Survey & Program


Our first step when starting any renovation is the research, or programming phase. We measure and photograph the existing space and get to know our clients: their needs, desires, inherent aesthetic, etc. From this early meeting we design the new space, we use all the information we have gathered as reference material as we dig into the creative process.



Schematic Design

The existing floor plan was pretty typical for a 1930’s mock tudor style house: lots of small rooms, a butler’s pantry separating the kitchen from the dining room and a boiler room on the ground floor. To achieve the open floor plan desired, we quickly realized that it was necessary to remove several internal walls in order to square off the kitchen properly and open up the dining room to the rest of the floor.



Design Development

Once the floor plan is set, we begin fleshing out all of the components of the design, from cabinetry details to actual selections of lighting, colours, fixtures and furniture. We ensure our client understands our design concepts as well as what the finished product will look like, using tools like photoshop to illustrate design options and why we may be recommending a certain approach



Construction Documents

Providing a road map for the builder is essential and the more detailed it is, the easier the construction is on everyone, the faster the project goes, the less questions. As we build these documents, we stumble on questions ourselves that we can answer beforethe construction begins. Drawing helps us work out small details, refine the design, understand what may come up later.



Construction Oversight

As with all of our projects, we work closely with the builder/internal decorators to ensure that every phase of the build is managed.




Nothing is more exciting to us than transforming lives. With this project Gustavian was able to deliver a classic style open plan interior augmented with soft furnishings to create a warm homely feel. Our success is measured most by the positive impact our work has on the lives of our clients.