Fryksdall Mora clock
Fryksdall Mora clock face detail
Fryksdall Mora clock face
Fryksdall Mora clock base
Fryksdall Mora clock back

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Fryksdall Mora Clock from the 1800

This Swedish Mora clock is called a Fryksdall Mora Clock. These Mora clocks are characterised by their slim waists, curved body and scroll decoration. They have detailed carvings to the clock's hood. They were originally commissioned by wealth individuals in Sweden.
This Mora clock is a particularly good example of a Fryksdall Mora Clock and has a working mechanism featuring a third hand which provides the days of the month (an additional luxury at the time).
The Mora clock has is original soft cream paint with gold detailing. It has its own pedestal that the clock sits on whiich has a marble painted effect. The Mora clock will function withoutplacing the clock on the pedestal if there is a height issue for the room.

Width: 60cm / 23.6"

Depth: 22cm / 8.7"

Height: 232cm / 91.3"


Video of this clock

Video of clock working

Video of clock chiming


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