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SCORPIO Archive Linen Mix Cushion

SCORPIO Archive Linen Mix Cushion

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The eighth astrological sign of the zodiac and part of the water element of the constellation. Represented in Greek mythology by the scorpion. When Orion boasted that he would kill every animal on the earth, the goddess Artemis dispatched a scorpion to kill Orion, and Zeus put the scorpion in the heavens after it won the battle. Here showcased on a playful printed linen cushion. Filling: Feather pad , Composition: 47% Cotton, 53% Linen

Width: 55cm / 21.65"

Length: 38cm / 14.96"



Delivery typically within 4 - 7 days.

Shipping costs are displayed at checked and based on DHL Express rates. For example:

1 roll/1 yard: $60

2 rolls/2 yards / 1 cushion: $70

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