Blue Mora Clock
Mora Clock in Blue
Mora Clock in Blue - flower detail
Mora Clock in Blue - face
Mora Clock in Blue - body

Mora Clock 50

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Mora Clock in Blue

Mora clock hand painted in light blue with decorative hand painted floral details.

This clock has a chiming quartz movement. The mechanism has a 2 chime settings allowing the sound of the chime to be changed and also has an on/off switch (so that the chime can be turned off during the night or at any other time

Width: 52cm / 20.5"

Depth: 20cm / 12"

Height 208cm / 81.8"


Delivery Costs (depending on location):

UK delivery - door to door: £90 - £120

Europe delivery - door to door: £130 - £140

US delivery (inc.crating) - door to door: £290 - £360 (~$370 / ~$460)