Bridal Mora Clock - Angermanlandsbrud
Bridal Mora Clock - Angermanlandsbrud - face
Bridal Mora Clock - Angermanlandsbrud - body

Mora Clock 02

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Bridal Mora Clock

A rare Angermanlandsbrud (Bridge from Angermanland) Mora Clock. These Mora clocks were made in the Northern Province of Angermanland (bordered by Swedish Lapland) by local carpenters between 1820 and 1840. The Mora clock was to resemble a bride dressed from the head with a crown of leaves, flowers and to the sides the hair of the bride in tassels. The rich decoration on the front consists of different coloured glued details in the form of stylised flowers, tassels and suns symolising the bride's wedding dress. A very limited number of these clocks exist (an example similar to this one is in the Nordiska Museum, Stockholm)

Width: 60cm / 23.6"
Depth: 20cm / 11.4"
Height: 241cm / 94.8"