Antique Gustavian Secretaire
Antique Gustavian Secretaire - closed flap
Antique Gustavian Secretaire - open flap
Antique Gustavian Secretaire - drawers
Antique Gustavian Secretaire - back

Antique Gustavian Secretaire

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Antique Gustavian Swedish Secretaire

This secretaire dates from the late 17th/early 18th centuries and is in its original pale blue/grey finish with the interiors painted in a rose red colour.
The secretaire has a front flap which folds down to become a writing top (there are 2 pull out supports to provide a base for this flap).
The interior of the secretaire reveals a number of drawers and there is additionally 3 large pull out drawers.
The exterior paint work and body work of this is in very good condition and the overall finish shows signs consistent with its age.

Width: 112 cm / 44.1"
Depth: 52 cm / 20.5"
Height: 106 cm / 41.7"


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