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03 Fryksdall Mora Clock

03 Fryksdall Mora Clock
Price: £2,000.00
Height: 232
Once you have confirmed your interest we shall call you to discuss paint finishes and delivery timings. When you are the satisfied with the order we shall request a deposit.

Fryksdall Mora Clock

The Fryksdall Mora clock is characterised by it's slim waist, wider belly, curly scroll decoration on the waist and neck and extravagant hood carvings. These Mora clocks were owned by wealthier individuals in Sweden and found in manor houses

This Mora Clock has its original paint work and hand carving details. The clock's original mechanism is in working order.

Width: 34 cm / 13.4 inches.
Depth: 15cm / 6 inches.
Height: 232cm / 91.3 inches.

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